About Us

The Business

Oslo City Bike ToursOCBT – was founded in 2015 by two young Scandinavian men with a mission to show their city to visitors in a way they will cherish and remember for a long time. From personal experience we have come to believe that bicycle tours is the ultimate way to familiarize oneself and experience a new city.

Oslo is perfect for bicycles as most sights are located near the city center making it easy and accessible to see the highlights. Locals are very much active in using their bikes; which is another reason for showing the city in the manner of locals.

OCBT prides itself on being a local entrepreneurship, owned and operated by citizens of Oslo.

The owners

Audun Syvertsen, a.k.a. Moose, is a tourism trade professional with several years experience and education on the field. He is educated at ICMS, Sydney and Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia and has work experience from travel agencies, hotels and tour guiding in numerous countries.

When not biking around town Moose is known to be found in the more remote areas of the world, preferably with a backpack.

Navid Vesali met Moose when studying at ICMS, Sydney, Australia. He keeps hold of an interesting background from several prestigious bars and restaurants around the world, as well as experience from the cruise line industry.

When not cruising on his bike Navid is known to explore the culinary offers of the city, so if you need some advise on food and beverage he’s your guy!